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  • Anina

    Anina Yatay Salas is a ten-year-old girl who does not like her name. Each part is a palindrome — it reads the same forwards and backwards. One day, Anina and her arch-enemy Yisel get into a schoolyard skirmish, so the principal disciplines them with a weird punishment: they are both given a sealed black envelope which they are not allowed to open for a week. Anina’s efforts to understand the contents of the envelope turn into a journey to understand the world and her place in it.

  • Born to Hate… Destined to Love

    Born to Hate… Destined to Love
    In the northern Indian town of Almore, the Qureshis (who are Muslim) and the Chauhans (a Hindu family) have been rival political clans for generations. Boisterous and impulsive Zoya Qureshi campaigns for her father to win the upcoming election. Meanwhile, Parma Chauhan, an immature bully, will do anything to help his grandfather triumph. The young rivals brandish guns and trade insults, but their hatred soon ignites a passionate romance. When the families discover their secret affair, all hell breaks loose.

  • Candid

    Jim is a videographer who lives in New York and suffers from recurring nightmares. His latest project, in which he surreptitiously shoots strangers and then uploads the videos to his website, brings him into contact with Samantha, a model who invites Jim to take risqué pictures of her. When Jim witnesses a shocking event at Samantha’s apartment one night, he is drawn into a downward spiral of horrific deeds from which there seems no escape.

  • Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

    Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
    Political activists don’t come any more intelligent, inspiring or incendiary than Angela Davis, a leading figure of the US civil rights struggle. As a member of the Communist Party and an associate of the Black Panthers, she was anathema to the establishment, which set out to have her silenced. Free Angela and All Political Prisoners is the gripping story of how Davis faced down her enemies and embarked on the road to becoming a global icon of social revolution.

  • Gloria

    Gloria is a 58-year-old divorcée. Her children have left home and she has no desire to spend her nights alone. Determined to defy old age and loneliness, she rushes headlong into a whirl of singles’ parties on the hunt for instant gratification — which leads repeatedly to disappointment and emptiness. But then she meets Rodolfo, an ex-naval officer to whom she feels romantically inclined. However, the encounter presents unexpected challenges and Gloria finds herself being forced to confront her own dark secrets, in this tragi-comedy of fragile hopes and painful truths.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Middle of Nowhere
    When her husband is sentenced to eight years in prison, Ruby, a nurse, drops out of medical school in order to better focus on his well-being and to help him get early parole. This leads to tensions in Ruby’s relationship with her mother, Ruth, and sister, Rosie, a single mom. When she meets the handsome, sensitive Brian, Ruby is confronted with new challenges and desires, and finds herself reconsidering the path she has chosen.

  • Neighbouring Sounds

    Neighbouring Sounds
    An upscale neighbourhood in the city of Recife is the setting for this ambitious and unsettling drama of class conflict and societal change. Joāo is a young man who manages his grandfather Francisco’s considerable property interests. Bia, a housewife, smokes weed and feeds sleeping pills to the dog next door to keep it from barking. And Clodoaldo, who runs a vigilante-style security outfit, takes an unhealthy interest in Francisco’s affairs. Events build uneasily to a stunning and provocative conclusion.

  • No

    In 1988 Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet, due to international pressure, was forced to call a referendum. The country went to the ballot box to vote YES or NO to Pinochet extending his rule for another eight years. In this drama inspired by actual events, Chile’s opposition leaders persuade a brash young advertising executive, René Saavedra, to spearhead the NO campaign. Against all odds, with scant resources and under scrutiny by Pinochet’s minions, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and set Chile free.

  • Papilio Buddha

    Papilio Buddha
    In the state of Kerala in India live the dalits, a group of indigenous, landless people who face discrimination and displacement by political entities and upper-caste landlords. This provocative film tells their story through the experiences of Shankaran, an educated dalit youth. At first indifferent to the struggle, Shankaran has an awakening and joins in rising up against the injustice being endured by his people. This is fiction filmmaking at its most socially and politically aware, set against the stunning landscape of the Western Ghats.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Rock, Paper, Scissors
    In this riveting Caracas-set drama, separate lives intersect and are changed forever over the course of one eventful day. Mari and Hector are a middle-class couple with a young son, Luis. Valentina is a waitress whose boyfriend, Christian, is in debt to some gangsters. When Hector is forced to leave Luis in Valentina’s care, a desperate Christian attempts to rob the café where Valentina works. An innocent Luis is swept up in dangerous events from which his parents become desperate to save him.

  • Señoritas

    Alejandra is a free spirit who lives with her mother in a comfortable apartment in Bogotá. She spends most nights drinking or dancing with her friends, including her best friend Véronica and her sometime boyfriend Tomás. Alejandra expresses her playful independence in these friendships, as well as in her sexual conquests with various men. Yet Alejandra’s comfort is also where the complexity lies, and gradually the intensity with which she lives comes to a head. Señoritas is a subtle, contemplative and intimate examination of the way one young woman navigates the daunting terrain of sex, desire and identity.

  • She Doesn’t Want to Sleep Alone

    She Doesn’t Want to Sleep Alone
    Amanda is a young woman with a problem: if she’s alone, she can’t sleep. Her solution is to fill her nights with a string of casual lovers, while by day she looks for a job. Amanda’s world is turned upside down when she is suddenly forced to look after her eccentric elderly grandmother, Dolores, a former actress battling alcoholism and dementia. Though she mostly lives through her memories of past glories, Dolores is able to understand Amanda’s difficulties, and over time the two women find themselves forming a tender bond.

  • Ship of Theseus

    Ship of Theseus
    When an unusual photographer has a life-changing clinical procedure, she has to grapple with the loss of her intuitive brilliance. Meanwhile, an erudite monk, confronting an ethical dilemma, must choose between principle and death. Finally, a young stockbroker, on the trail of a stolen kidney, finds out how intricate morality can be. Following the separate strands of their philosophical journeys, and their eventual sublime convergence, Ship of Theseus is a cinematic marvel pulsating with humanity, humour and cosmic wonder.

  • Spring in a Small Town

    Spring in a Small Town
    Liyan is the patriarch of the Dai family, a once-prosperous clan brought to ruin by the Second World War. An invalid, his marriage to Yuwen has long been loveless. Into their dreary existence comes Liyan’s childhood friend Zhang, who is also Yuwen’s old flame. Feelings are rekindled, and Yuwen finds herself torn between loyalty to her husband and a chance to begin life anew. Exquisitely shot and brilliantly acted, Spring in a Small Town is considered by many to be the greatest Chinese film of all time.

  • Tanta Agua

    Tanta Agua
    Fourteen-year-old Lucía would rather do anything than go on vacation with her father, Alberto, and her younger brother Federico. But Alberto, who is divorced from Lucía and Federico’s mother, is determined to get closer to his children over a week at a family resort. The kids’ initial reluctance and the constant rain threaten to derail his plans. Slowly, circumstances start to bring the three of them together, in ways none of them could have suspected.

  • The Dream of Lu

    The Dream of Lu
    After her young son and only child, Sebastian, dies of a brain aneurysm, Lucía, a classical guitarist and single mother, suffers a nervous breakdown. Family and a support group provide solace and stability as Lu slowly works her way through her grief. Finally, she reaches out to an old friend and embarks on a journey to the Pacific Ocean, where the natural world embraces her with pure poetic force. This is a tender, honest and moving portrayal of a woman's attempts to come to terms with immeasurable loss.

  • The Kid Who Lies

    The Kid Who Lies
    A 13-year old boy (who doesn’t give his name) is on a journey along the Venezuelan coast. In order to get by, he tells people fanciful stories about his past, stories that often contradict one another. These stories, however, eventually reveal the truth: ten years previously, his mother disappeared in a great mudslide. Believing she’s still alive he has set off in search of her, propelled by memories he can’t erase.

  • The Last Summer of La Boyita

    The Last Summer of La Boyita
    Jorgelina and Luciana are sisters. As Luciana enters puberty, she begins to grow apart from her adoring younger sibling. Rather than tag along with Luciana at the beach, Jorgelina decides to spend the summer with her father in the country. There she develops a friendship with Mario, a farm boy. As the children explore the Pampas prairies, they begin to question the similarities they share, and what makes them different. This is a tender portrayal of the unexpected revelations that affect two children as they begin the bumpy transition to adolescence.

  • The Pirogue

    The Pirogue
    Baye Laye is the captain of a fishing pirogue. Like many of his Senegalese compatriots, he dreams of new horizons, where he can earn a better living. When he is offered the captaincy of one of the many pirogues illegally taking migrants to Europe, he reluctantly accepts the job. Leading a group of 30 men who don’t all speak the same language — some of whom have never even seen the sea — Baye Laye will confront many challenges on the perilous journey.

  • Violeta Went to Heaven

    Violeta Went to Heaven
    “Creation is a bird without a flight plan,” the singer, artist and folklorist Violeta Parra (1917–1967) once said. “It never flies in a straight line.” It’s fitting, then, that this film about one of Chile’s heroes goes beyond linear biography, to present a poetically episodic portrait of a woman whose songs, like Edith Piaf’s, echoed the soul of her nation. Key moments of Parra’s life — from her impoverished childhood to her international stardom — are beautifully woven together, like one of her own tapestries. At the core of the film is a rapturous performance by Francisca Gavilán, who brilliantly captures the essence of Parra’s magnetic, tempestuous and self-contradictory being.

  • Welcome to Pine Hill

    Welcome to Pine Hill
    Beginning with an unexpected encounter surrounding a lost dog, Welcome to Pine Hill blurs the line between documentary and fiction. The story follows its protagonist, Shannon — a reformed drug dealer who is now an insurance claims adjuster — in the days following a grim medical diagnosis. Shannon, portrayed in an extraordinarily intimate performance by first-time actor Shannon Harper (of Trinidad and Tobago descent), sets out to make peace with those around him and, in turn, find his own peace beyond the cacophony of New York City.

  • Yema

    Yema (Mother) opens with an audacious sequence: Ouardia, who lives in the mountains, drags the body of her beloved dead son, Tarek, who was a soldier in the Algerian army, to her hut, where she washes and buries it. She despises her other son, a rebel leader, whom she blames for Tarek’s killing. When the rebel son is injured in combat and comes to Ouardia seeking help, she is torn between lingering resentment and maternal duty. Whether viewed as political allegory or pure human drama, this is a beautifully spare, intimate and unforgettable film.

  • Zarafa

    Maki, a ten-year-old boy, is friends with Zarafa, an orphaned giraffe. Hassan, Prince of the Desert, is instructed by the Pasha of Egypt to deliver Zarafa to the King of France. But Maki will do everything in his power to stop Hassan and bring the giraffe back home, to fulfill a promise to Zarafa’s late mother. During an epic journey that takes them from Sudan to Paris, Maki and Zarafa have many adventures, in this heartwarming tale of everlasting friendship.