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  • 35 Shots of Rum (France)

    35 Shots of Rum (France)
    Lionel, a metro conductor, lives with his beautiful university-student daughter Josephine in an apartment complex in Paris. Josephine has been spending time with Noé, a handsome young neighbour, while Lionel is finding himself drawn into a romance with close friend Gabrielle. As their lives are pulled in different directions, father and daughter realise they must finally confront an aspect of their past in order to embrace what lies ahead.

  • Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (UK)

    Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (UK)
    When famous DJ Alan Partridge's radio station is taken over by a new media conglomerate, it sets in motion a chain of events which see Alan having to work with the police to defuse a potentially violent siege. The film stars Steve Coogan, who has played the character Alan Partridge in many BBC radio and television shows since 1991.

  • Almanya (Germany)

    Almanya (Germany)
    “Who am I—a German or a Turk?” This is the difficult question that six-year-old Cenk, a child of Turkish immigrants living in Munich, poses to himself after none of his classmates selects him for their football team. This issue is raised again when Cenk's grandfather surprises his family with the news that he has bought a house in Turkey and would like them all to go there on holiday together. And so begins a journey of memories, arguments, reconciliations and self-discovery.

  • Beloved (France)

    Beloved (France)
    In London, a French mother and daughter navigate their respective romantic relationships. Madeline (the renowned actress Catherine Deneuve) rekindles an affair from thirty years earlier, while her daughter Vera is caught between a musician who cannot commit and her ex-boyfriend, who still pines for her.

  • Big Boys Gone Bananas (Sweden)

    Big Boys Gone Bananas (Sweden)
    When Swedish filmmaker Fredrick Gertten made Bananas!, a documentary about a lawsuit brought by Nicaraguan plantation workers against the fruit giant Dole, the company sought to stop the film from being released. Here Gertten captures that entire process—from Dole attacking the producers with a lawsuit, to bullying tactics and public-relations spin. This film reveals precisely how a multinational will stop at nothing to get its way.

  • Blancanieves (Spain)

    Blancanieves (Spain)
    When the great matador Antonio Villalta suffers a career-ending accident, his wife goes into labour and dies giving birth to their daughter, Carmen. Antonio marries his nurse, the evil Encarna, who treats the beautiful Carmen like a slave. Secretly, Carmen trains under her father’s guidance, and becomes a formidable bullfighter herself. This is an adaptation of the fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, set in the 1920s and made in the style of a classic black-and-white silent film.

  • Cousinhood (Spain)

    Cousinhood (Spain)
    A day before their wedding, Diego is dumped by his fiancée. He decides to go with his cousins, Julian and José Miguel, to the village where they used to spend their vacations as children. Diego’s plan: to find his first love, Martina, and make her fall for him again. Once there, however, the three young men find they must face up to their past, and the various people in it.

  • Dream Team 1935 (Latvia)

    Dream Team 1935 (Latvia)
    Geneva, Switzerland 1935. The first European Championship in basketball is about to take place, and each team wants the honor of being the inaugural winner. The Latvian coach, Baumanis, is convinced that his team can come out on top. However, he quickly learns that defeat is as much a part of the game as triumph.

  • Fish Tank (UK)

    Fish Tank (UK)
    Mia, an aggressive fifteen-year-old girl, lives on an Essex estate with her tarty mother, Joanne, and precocious little sister Tyler. She has been thrown out of school and is awaiting admission to a referrals unit and spends her days aimlessly. She begins an uneasy friendship with Joanne's slick boyfriend, Connor, who encourages her one interest, dancing.

  • Ginger + Rosa (UK)

    Ginger + Rosa (UK)
    Ginger and Rosa are best friends growing up in London in the early sixties. The two teenagers are inseparable, sharing everything together. But as Ginger becomes an activist in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, their friendship is redefined. And when Ginger discovers a terrible secret, their bond threatens to break forever.

  • Hannah Arendt (Germany)

    Hannah Arendt (Germany)
    When Adolf Eichmann, ex-Nazi officer and one of the major organisers of the Holocaust, was captured in South America and put on trial in Jerusalem in 1961, the German writer and philosopher, Hannah Arendt, agreed to cover the trial for the New Yorker magazine. This film dramatises those spellbinding events. The film highlights Arendt’s controversial portrayal of Eichmann as ordinary and mediocre, which introduced her now-famous concept of the “banality of evil”.

  • Hotel Swooni (Belgium)

    Hotel Swooni (Belgium)
    The Swooni is a hotel where the wealthy go to get away from their troubles, but not everyone there is so fortunate. Hendrik, a policeman, is hoping a weekend there with his wife Anna will put life back in their marriage. Vicky, a maid, discovers that one of the guests is her mother Violette, who she hasn't spoken with in years. And Joyeux is a boy from the Ivory Coast who has been separated from his father, in the country illegally and on the run from the police.

  • Life Feels Good (Poland)

    Life Feels Good (Poland)
    Mateusz is an intelligent young man who suffers from severe cerebral palsy that makes speech and controlled movement nearly impossible. Born into a loving family, his world is shattered when he is placed in an institution where he’s misunderstood and mistreated. Life Feels Good beautifully recounts the true story of one man’s extraordinary efforts to endure in the face of impossible odds.

  • Nairobi Half Life (Germany)

    Nairobi Half Life (Germany)
    Mwas is a young man from a Kenyan village who wants to become a famous actor. He moves to Nairobi in pursuit of his dream, but soon realizes why the city is known as “Nairobbery”. Accidentally ending up in a world of crime—but also managing to join an amateur theatre company—Mwas begins living a dangerous double-life. A Kenyan-German co-production, Nairobi Half Life was Kenya’s first entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

  • Nelson Mandela: In the Name of Freedom (France)

    Nelson Mandela: In the Name of Freedom (France)
    When Nelson Mandela died last year, he was arguably the most famous person on the planet. This is his story. From his youth in South Africa’s remote Transkei region to leadership of the African National Congress, from the fight against apartheid that saw him imprisoned to becoming the first black president of his nation and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, In the Name of Freedom is a comprehensive look at the life of one of the greatest men of modern times.

  • Sleep Tight (Spain)

    Sleep Tight (Spain)
    Cesar, a depressed apartment concierge, believes he was born without the ability to be happy. As a result, he decides his mission is to make life uncomfortable for everyone around him. A majority of the tenants are easy to agitate, but Clara proves to be harder than the most. So Cesar goes to creepy extremes to make her life a living hell. Things get even more complicated when Clara’s boyfriend, Marcos, shows up.

  • Tangerines (Estonia)

    Tangerines (Estonia)
    Autumn is beautiful in Abkhazia—forest-covered hills, the sea, tangerine orchards. But autumn 1992 is different. Abkhazia is fighting a war to be separated from Georgia. In one village only two residents are left, Ivo and Markus. When Ivo finds a wounded soldier, he takes him home and attends to him. When Markus finds a survivor from the opposite side, he does the same. Now the two men have two sworn enemies under their roof. Conflict begins….

  • The Blitz (Netherlands)

    The Blitz (Netherlands)
    When World War II begins in the Netherlands, a passionate and thrilling love affair also begins between a young boxer, Vincent, and Eva, who is German, and betrothed to the middle-aged Dirk in order to save her family. Tragedy threatens to strike when, on the day that the centre of Rotterdam is bombed, the young lovers lose sight of each other.

  • The Illusionist (France)

    The Illusionist (France)
    A once-celebrated stage magician, Tatischeff, sees his fame dry up in Paris in the late 1950s. He packs up his belongings—including an ill-tempered white rabbit—and heads to London to find work. His fortunes continue to flounder, until one night a drunken party patron invites him to a remote Scottish island. Here he meets Alice, an orphaned young woman. Their ensuing adventures together change both their lives forever.

  • The Marathon (Netherlands)

    The Marathon (Netherlands)
    Gerard, Leo, Kees and Nico work together in a garage. But business isn't going that well, so they decide to find a sponsor who will pay them to run the Rotterdam marathon, and save the garage from bankruptcy. For the four friends, however, there is a lot more at stake.

  • The Missing Lynx (Spain)

    The Missing Lynx (Spain)
    Félix, an accident-prone lynx, is healing from his latest mishap at an animal recovery centre. During his stay, the centre is attacked by mercenaries hired by an eccentric millionaire, Noah, who wants to create an ark, in an attempt to save all the world’s endangered animal species. Along with a rag-tag bunch of friends—Beeea the goat, Gus the paranoid chameleon, Astarté the hawk, and Rupert the blind old mole—Félix sets out to foil Noah’s crazy scheme.

  • The Strange Little Cat (Germany)

    The Strange Little Cat (Germany)
    Set entirely in a Berlin apartment over the course of one day, The Strange Little Cat follows siblings Karin and Simon as they visit their parents and their little sister Clara. That evening, other relatives join them for dinner. Along the way, the family members joke and fight, talk about everyday objects and play silly games, gently revealing a vivid set of characters with considerable charm and a droll, quietly irreverent sense of humour.

  • Trishna (UK)

    Trishna (UK)
    Trishna, a young woman who lives in contemporary Rajasthan, falls in love with wealthy British businessman Jay Singh, who has come to India to work in his father's hotel. But despite their feelings for each other, they cannot escape societal pressures. Trishna's tragedy is that she is torn between the traditions of her family life and the dreams and ambitions that her education has given her. Based on Thomas Hardy's classic novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles.