Sally’s Way

There will be three community screening events taking place during the ttff/15 (15–29 September), as follows. The first two screenings are free and open to everyone; the third is for school groups. Call 621-0709 to book a school.

Sunday 20 September, 6.00pm, Couva Joylanders Panyard
Re-percussions: An African Odyssey
Documentary/52 mins/GA

Wednesday 23 September, 6.00pm, NALIS Port of Spain
Just a Drop
Directors: Shea Best, Stephen Hadeed Jr, Dominic Koo
Documentary/6 mins/GA

Down and Out
Directors: Shanice Martin, Michaela Spencer, David Villafana
Documentary/12 mins/GA

Maracas Valley: A Watershed in Crisis
Director: Renée Pollonais
Documentary/23 mins/GA

City on the Hill
Directors: Patricia Mohammed, Michael Mooleedhar
Documentary/47 mins/GA

Tuesday 29 September, 10.00am, Southern Academy for the Performing Arts
Sally’s Way
Director: Joanne Johnson
Narrative feature/87 mins/GA




We’re pleased to present our annual Community Cinergy film series on April 12, 19 and 22. This year, the ttff will present three free film screenings to promote human rights. The series is being sponsored by the U.S. Embassy.

Sunday 12 April, 6.30pm, Woodbrook Youth Facility
Director: Dee Rees
Drama/86 mins/16+
Alike is a shy but talented Brooklyn teenager striving to survive adolescence with grace, humour and tenacity. In this inspiring coming-of-age film, she struggles with  conflicting identities, risks friendship and family, and faces heartbreak in a desperate search for sexual expression.
There will be panel discussions on LGBT rights and issues before and after the film.

Sunday 19 April, 4.00pm,  Laventille Community Complex
Private Violence
Director: Cynthia Hill
Documentary/80 mins/PG13
This award-winning documentary takes us behind closed doors into the often invisible world of domestic violence. Through the eyes of two survivors and an advocate, we bear witness to the complicated and complex realities of intimate partner violence.
There will be a public discussion on domestic violence after the film.

Wednesday April 22, 9.00am, Southern Academy For The Performing Arts (SAPA), San Fernando- special screening for schools
As the problem of bullying in schools become more critical, this presentation of the documentary Bully, followed by a workshop seeks to engage students and educators in preventing the problem and finding solutions.
Schools wishing to attend this screening are invited to email ttff’s Director of Community Development Melvina Hazard for information and bookings at




The trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) is pleased to present a screening of Dal Puri Diaspora, which had its world premiere at the ttff in 2012, and was rapturously received by audiences. The screening is sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) and presented in association with the St James Community Improvement/We Beat Committee. This is the fourth year that the ttff will present a film during the We Beat celebrations.

Saturday 7 June, 7pm
St. James Amphitheatre

Dal Puri Diaspora
Director: Richard Fung
2012/ Canada, T+T/ Documentary/ 80mins

In this epic culinary quest, T&T-born filmmaker Richard Fung sets out to discover where dhalpuri roti was born. His journey takes him from Canada to the central plains of Trinidad, then to the Bhojpur region of India, and finally back to Toronto, Canada, where he now lives. Eye-opening and richly enjoyable, this film is a fitting tribute to a majestic culinary invention that has travelled the world.

Refreshments will be on sale


Sponsored by bpTT, the Community Cinergy cinema series showcases previous ttff selections from around the world and T&T, and takes place at open-air venues across the country, on March 21, 22, 28, 29 and 30. Admission is free.

Refreshments and crafts will be on sale. There will be full seating at the Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association. You may wish to bring cushions to the St James Amphitheatre. There will be limited seating at San Fernando Hill, so you may wish to bring your own chairs or blankets. Please bring chairs or blankets to the UWI screening.

The full lineup is as follows. Doors open at 6pm for screenings starting at 7pm.

Friday 21 March, 7pm
Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association, Chaguaramas

The Wind That Blows
Director: Tom Weston
2013/St Vincent and the Grenadines, USA/Documentary/60mins/All ages
This is a revealing portrait of a group of men from the island of Bequia, who engage in a dangerous and controversial activity: the hunting of humpback whales.

Alamar (To the Sea)
Director: Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio
2009/Mexico/Drama/73mins/All ages
Poetically told and breathtakingly shot, this film tenderly observes the relationship between an Amerindian fisherman and his young son.

Saturday 22 March, 7pm
UWI, St Augustine (opposite the Learning Resource Centre)

Doubles with Slight Pepper
Director: Ian Harnarine
2011/T&T, Canada/Drama/16mins/PG
A young doubles vendor faces a difficult decision when his estranged father returns home after years abroad.

Papilio Buddha
Director: Jayan Cherian
Set against the lush backdrop of Kerala in south India, this is a provocative film about the Dalits, a group of landless, indigenous people fighting against caste oppression.

Friday 28 March, 7pm
San Fernando Hill

The Suspect
Director: Leroy Smart
2010/TT/Drama/7mins/All ages
A bus passenger suspects that a crime is about to happen.

Director: Avie Luthra
2010/South Africa/Drama/100mins/PG
After his mother dies, young Lucky, who is black, travels from the countryside to the city, where he forms an unlikely relationship with an elderly Indian widow.

Saturday 29 March, 6:30pm (closed screening)
The Youth Training Centre, Golden Grove

Maxi-Taxi Madness
Director: Dane John
2011/TT/Drama/12mins/All ages
A hilarious film about a rag-tag group of maxi-taxi passengers stuck in traffic.

Director: Evan Kaufman
2012/USA, US Virgin Islands
A powerful story about the lengths a young man would go for his loved ones.

Sunday 30 March, 7pm
St. James Amphitheatre

Director: Juliette McCawley
2013/TT, UK/Drama/9mins/PG
An illegal immigrant in London is forced into an act of quiet desperation.

Twa timoun (Three Kids)
Director: Jonas D’Adesky
2012/Haiti, Belgium/Drama/81mins/PG
Inspired by true events, this is a moving portrait of three orphaned boys’ attempts at survival in the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake.


The Carnival Film Series, sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company and the National Carnival Commission, is an annual showcase of films about Carnival and its related artforms. All events begin at 7pm. There will be refreshments on sale, and giveaways. Admission is free.

Saturday 08 February
Paramin Recreational Grounds and Cool Breeze Bar, Paramin

Shorts film package comprising the following:

Between the Lines
Director: Abigail Hadeed
An exploration of the frenzied, chaotic, moving shadows cast on the roads by moko jumbie Carnival characters.

And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison
Director: Natalie Wei
2006/T+T, Canada/Experimental/3mins
An examination of notions of gender, identity and belonging in the contemporary Carnival.

Beneath the Mas
Director: Dinesh Maharaj
A look at some traditional mas-making techniques and Carnival characters, particularly the art of wire-bending, the fancy Indian, the jab jab, the midnight robber and the bull mas. (Production sponsored by NCC.)

Kings of the Gayelle
Director: Christopher Laird
A portrait of two stickfighters, King Kali and King Tony, who have distinguished themselves in the discipline of Kalinda. (Production sponsored by NCC.)

Dance de Calypso
Director: John Barry
An exploration of the history and evolution of the different ways people dance to calypso music.

Director: Emilie Upczak
2010/T+T, USA/Documentary/13mins
An “academic music video” that explores wining as a dance language with a history and identity born out of the Caribbean experience.

After Mas
Director: Karen Martinez
2013/T+T, UK/Narrative/20mins
A story of love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during J’Ouvert on the streets of Port of Spain. In the cold light of day, will these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires?


Sunday 09 February
Trevor’s Edge, St Augustine

Carnival shorts package
Between the Lines/And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison/Beneath the Mas/Kings of the Gayelle/Dance de Calypso/y-ning?/After Mas


Thursday 13 February
MovieTowne, Tobago

Beneath the Mas

No Bois Man No Fraid
Director: Christopher Laird
Keegan Taylor and Rondel Benjamin are young martial arts experts from Trinidad and Tobago. In this uplifting and eye-opening documentary, they embark on a discovery of their roots by setting out to learn the local martial art of stickfighting. In the process, they receive guidance from living legends such as Congo Bara, King Stokely and King Kali, and set out to compete in the annual national stickfighting championships.


Friday 21 February
San Fernando Hill Recreational Grounds

Kings of the Gayelle

Beneath the Mas

A presentation by Ray Funk featuring rare vintage footage of mas, calypso and pan


Saturday 22 February
Saith Park, Chaguanas

Shorts package
Between the Lines/And They Say, Don’t Play with Poison/Beneath the Mas/Kings of the Gayelle/Dance de Calypso/y-ning?/After Mas


Sunday 23 February
NALIS Amphitheatre, National Library, Port of Spain

Kings of the Gayelle

Beneath the Mas

A presentation by Ray Funk featuring rare vintage footage of mas, calypso and pan


2013 community screenings

Sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, T&T Film Nights showcases previous ttff selections and takes place at venues across the country, from 16 November to 01 December. Admission is free to all screenings and there will be free T-shirts, bags, popcorn and other giveaways.

Saturday 16 November, 6pm
Moruga Composite School, Tompiere Trace, Basseterre, Moruga
No Bois Man No Fraid
Director: Christopher Laird
2013/ T+T/ Documentary/72 mins /All ages
Director + producer + stickfighters present

Wednesday 20 November, 6pm
MILAT Military Academy, Mausica (CLOSED SCREENING)
Directors: Christopher + Leizelle Guinness
2011/T+T/ Drama/10 mins/PG
Songs of Redemption
Directors:  Amanda Sans Pantling, Miquel Galofré
2013/Jamaica, Spain/Documentary/79mins/All ages
Director present  

Saturday 23 October, 6pm
Maracas Bay Community Centre, Maracas
In Association with The Maracas Bay Community Council
Short Films Package: If I Could Fly + No Soca, No Life + Knockabout + Mystic Blue + One Good Deed + After Mas
96 mins/PG
Directors present

Sunday 24 November, 6pm
Matura Secondary School, Toco
In Association with Nature Seekers
Short Films Package: Earth, Water, Woman + Sweet Fries + Mystic Blue + A Home For These Old Bones + Til D Well Run Dry (Matura Secondary School)
66 mins/ PG
Directors present
Presentation by The Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism on the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers

Sunday 01 December, 6pm
Buccoo Community Centre, Tobago
In Association with Healing With Horses Foundation
Captain T&T
Directors: Christopher + Leizelle Guinness
2013/T+T/Drama/12 mins/All Ages
Director: Marcia Weekes
2013/Barbados/Drama/90 mins/All ages



Sponsored by the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, the Community Cinema Series showcases previous ttff selections and takes place at venues across the country, from 18 to 26 October. Admission is free.

October 26, 7pm
La Brea Community Centre, La Brea
Pressure, UK,TT/120mins
Director: Horace Ové

October 23
MovieTowne, Tobago
Short films package
Closed event held in association with the Growing Leaders Foundation

October 19, 7pm
NGC Couva Joylanders Pan Theatre, Couva
Jab in the Dark, T&T/36mins
Director: Robert Macfarlane
The Panman, T&T
Director: Kamalo Deen

October 18, 7pm
The Fallen People of the Black Land, T&T/4mins
Director: Joanne Haynes
Rain, Bahamas/93mins
Director: Maria Govan

Sunday 9 June, 5pm
Buccoo Integrated Complex, Tobago
Habanastation, Cuba/95mins
Director: Ian Padrón
In collaboration with the Growing Leaders Foundation and the Healing with Horses Foundation

Saturday 8 June, 5pm
Buccoo Integrated Complex, Tobago
Package of short films, TRT 123 mins
The Itch of the Golden Nit
Director: Aardman Animation/UK/2012/34 mins
One Good Deed
Director: Juliette McCawley/TT/2012/12 mins
Mr Crab
Director: Faisal Lutchmedial/Canada/2012/5 mins
Director: Christopher Guinness/TT/2012/11mins
Tinga Tinga Tales
Director: Tiger Aspect Productions/2011/24 mins
Healing with Horses: Love & Magic
Director: Elspeth Duncan/2012/37 mins
In collaboration with the Growing Leaders Foundation and the Healing with Horses Foundation

Saturday 11 May, 6pm
San Fernando Hill
Valley of Saints, USA, India/82mins
Director: Musa Syeed

Sunday 5 May, 6pm
Adam Smith Square, Port-of-Spain
Playing Away UK, TT/100mins
Director: Horace Ové

Saturday 4 May, 6pm
University of the West Indies, St Augustine
Buck: The Man Spirit, T&T/35mins
Director: Steven Taylor
Captains of the Sand, Brazil/96mins
Director: Cecilia Amado

Friday 26 April, 6pm
Trinidad & Tobago Sailing Association, Chaguaramas
Wind Jammers, Bahamas, USA/88mins
Directors: Kareem Mortimer, Richard von Maur