Founded by artists Peter Doig and Che Lovelace, Studiofilmclub began screening independent and art-house films in Building 7 of the Fernandes Compound on the Eastern Main Road in 2003.

In 2006 SFC began hosting screenings and guests as part of the ttff. Guests of SFC have included British-Caribbean artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien (ttff/08) and Hilton Als, theatre critic for the New Yorker (ttff/09).

Last year, an exhibition featuring some of the iconic posters Peter Doig has created for the regular screenings at SFC took place at the Festival.

This year SFC will host two nights of screenings for the ttff/12.

Directed by acclaimed British-Caribbean filmmaker Steve McQueen and starring Michael Fassbender.

After-party to follow screenings
Shorts package curated by British filmmaker and musician John Maclean. Three of Maclean’s own films — Man on a Motorcycle, Pitch-Black Heist and Magic Man — will form part of the package.

2009, UK  English
Narrative short / 11 minutes
Michael Fassbender stars in this day-in-the-life tale of a London motorcycle courier at breaking point in his profession and his life.

2008, UK  English
Music video / 4 minutes
This is a quirky music video for the song “Magic Man” by the British pop group the Aliens.

2011, UK  English
Narrative short / 13 minutes
Liam and Michael are professional safecrackers who meet on a simple job to relieve an office safe of its contents. The catch is a light-activated alarm system, which impells the men to embark on a pitch-black heist.



Screenings of films from the ttff were first held at the St Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) during the ttff/08. Four years later, the UWI component of the ttff is stronger than ever. There will be three days (21, 24 and 28 September) and three nights (22, 23 and 28 September) of screenings on the UWI campus, at the Institute of Critical Thinking, the Centre for Language Learning and the Students’ Activity Centre.

The screenings on campus are hosted by UWI’s Film Programme, where students, alumni and faculty have always contributed quality content to the ttff.

This year more films by UWI students and alumni than ever before will be screened,  including the feature-length drama Little Boy Blue, written and directed by Nicholas Attin. The feature-length documentary Stone Street, by Elspeth Kydd, a lecturer in the Film Programme, will also be shown.

There will also be an evening of avant garde and experimental film works, as part of the ttff’s New Media programme, on campus on 28 September. This is being held in association with the Postgraduate Programme in Cultural Studies.

In addition to film screenings, workshops have also traditionally formed part of the ttff offering at UWI. This year is no different, with a workshop on the art of film criticism, facilitated by the award-winning critic Manoj Barpujari, taking place on campus on 22 September.

Finally, the Festival and the Film Programme are pleased to be hosting Dr Constanza Burucua of the University of Western Ontario, who will give a talk on contemporary Venezuelan cinema on campus at the Institute of Critical Thinking, 25 September at 6pm.


ARC Magazine

ARC Magazine is a non-profit publication launched in January of 2011 and seeks to fill a certain void by offering a critical platform for visual artists to present their work while fostering and developing critical dialogues and opportunities for crucial points of exchange.

It is an online social space of interaction with a developed methodology of sharing information about contemporary practices, exhibitions, partnerships, and opportunities that are occurring in the Caribbean region and throughout its Diaspora. ARC Magazine  is dedicated to showcasing artwork that encapsulates a pan-Caribbean focus while highlighting the lack of boundaries that now exist in the midst of the Internet and post information age. We are interested in promoting and underlining the current regional focus on sustainability for creative industries while engaging with a specified target audience, mostly comprised of emerging artists from the developing states and diaspora.